Integrating LED Video Walls into your exhibition stand graphics.

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As they become increasingly cost-effective, a cost that can often be offset against the large amount of exposure you can achieve over a short period of time, LED video walls have quickly become the go-to technology for creating an eye-catching and memorable exhibition stand design. Whether promoting your brand or a particular product, they are perfect for engaging with stand visitors and passers-by.

The improvement in LED and LCD technology now means that the size of a display can be almost limitless with very little compromise on visual quality. This makes video walls and digital signage displays provide the perfect canvas on which to showcase content and deliver information at exhibitions and conferences.

But before you leap into purchasing or hiring any visual technology, there are a number of factors you must consider. Otherwise, your efforts are destined to fail. First of all, you must consider any business goals associated with the strategy. How will a video wall improve the promotion of your message as oppose to the current methods of promotion you are using at exhibitions?

Once you’ve decided to integrate a video wall into your exhibition stand, it’s imperative that you understand the space that you’ll be occupying. This will enable you to determine the appropriate size, brightness, pixel pitch, resolution and power requirement of screen display – these are all factors that will affect the impact of your display.

If wall space on your stand is limited, you might only want a single large screen. Alternatively, if you have a larger space, you could combine a series of individual screens to create a seamless unified display. Or if you’re feeling more creative, you could configure the screens in a random scattered pattern which complements the design of your stand and/or artwork.

Next, you’ll need to optimise the content (videos, images, audio and text) for the type of video wall you’ll be using. While maintaining proportion, these should be as large and clear as possible. Remember, while the content may look fantastic on a laptop screen, it may not do so when displayed on a much larger of a video wall.

When creating the content, there are several factors to bear in mind. Short, simple messages are always more effective on a digital screen, and make sure that it’s in a large format, in a sans serif font and evenly spaced. Visitors will not be sitting comfortably when they read your message; they’ll be passing and glancing while surrounded by a million and one other distractions.

And if integrating a video wall into you exhibition stand graphics isn’t adventurous enough for you, interactive video walls enhance engagement and deliver a continuously immersive viewer experience, either by using a touch display or via an application on a mobile device that augments the content.

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For over 20 years, Tom Rigbyhas helped businesses across the UK to find their voice and communicate their messages, in print and online, whether they want to generate sales, attract customers, inform stakeholders, educate the public or persuade them to join a cause. He is a published author and occasional contributor to a number of publications.

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