How to decorate an exhibition stand

A trade show advisor will tell you that you only have just about three seconds to grab the attention of the people who pass by your stand. This attention is the most important thing for any exhibitor. It can translate to either the start of a long lasting business relationship or loss of a potential sale. So, your concentration as an exhibitor should be how you present yourself to attendees. To do this, you must be unique in the way you decorate your exhibition stand. Your colours, brand imaging, product displays and lighting should stand out and have the ability to grab the attention of everyone passing by. Here are the ways you can decorate your exhibition stand:

1. The size

The size ought to be the very first thing to consider when you want to decorate your exhibition booth. Typically, the size of a stand is around 10 feet by 10 feet. However, this may not always be the size because of the sizes of shows vary. If you’re a big organization, you can rent more than one stand to increase decoration possibilities and prominence. Stands are separated from one another by curtains. Stands sitting at the corners are more visible because displays are seen from not just one but two sides. Overall, the standard size of a booth can be made more noticeable by passers-by through size alone.

2. Stand decoration

Decorating companies are normally contracted by exhibition halls to help in handling the set-up of booths and rentals of items of decoration such as carpeting, lighting, chairs and tables. As an exhibitor, you’re supplied with the show’s catalogue in advance. This gives you an idea of the available options for lighting, colour, fabric and style. The decorating companies are also in a position to provide expertise for marketing in which case they suggest ways in which you can design your stand to draw the attention of the attendees. These companies can, therefore, aid exhibitors in designing the booth based on information provided to them by the exhibitors. But still, other companies prefer the planning to be done by in-house experts to come up with a plan for the exhibition stand elements.

3. Colours and Logos

These two should be in line with the specifications of the company. A company’s in-house experts or an advertising company should be able to provide details that allow the company to reproduce the exact shades of their colours each time. The messaging and slogans using a specific font, colour and style need to be consistent in the stand to make recognition of your brand easy.

4. Displays

For attracting attention effectively, use free-standing graphics. For stands with the standard size, you can simply use banners that are hanging or tabletop displays which are inexpensive. For even a greater attention, you can use a three-sided floor displays but these are a little more expensive. However, if you have a larger booth, you may have more space to accommodate an island exhibit. This allows customers to get into the stand space and have a look at the graphics around. To enhance display, you can use furniture. For instance, in a larger booth, you can display tables and chairs where you can comfortably discuss business. To make company messages and logos to stand out, you can also make use of spotlights.

5. Visual Aids

Visual, as well as audio aids, are great at luring customers into exhibit stands. Irrespective of the booth size, you can put a DVD playing to promote products as well as services.


With these 5 tips, you’ll be able to properly decorate your exhibition stand and get the much-needed attention of potential customers attending a trade show.

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