If you want to ensure that your next exhibition stand comes in exactly on budget as well as making a stunning impact, we provide a surprisingly simple solution.



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BOFA Stand
Monthly News

January News Roundup

2018 is already looking to be a very busy year Now that all of the festivities are over and 2018 is well underway, it’s

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Modex Christmas
Monthly News

December News Roundup

Snow, Snow, Snow – Things are starting to get festive Christmas is just around the corner and with all this snow everywhere it’s hard

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RBS Exhibition Stand
Monthly News

November News Roundup

New people, new products and exciting news ahead for MODEX The nights are shorter, it’s getting colder, but it’s still full steam ahead for

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GAFBROS Exhibition Stands
Monthly News

October News Roundup

42 stands. 12 venues. 6 countries. A lot of different numbers, and a very busy month we’ve had. September was our busiest month ever

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